Anxiety Online Therapy Sessions

Anxiety can be normal, we all experience anxiety from time to time. It is a physical response that helps us deal with danger.

As a result, there are three parts to anxiety;

  1. physical symptoms (how are body responds),
  2. thoughts (what we say to ourselves),
  3. and behaviours (what we do, or our actions)

Learning to recognize these signs will teach you how to embrace your anxiety and be less afraid of it. 

Many of us are taught from birth that we should hide our feelings and our anxiety.

Be independent and we are afraid to ask for assistance. When it begins to change your lifestyle, it can be scary.

We recognise this is a unique challenge and looking for the right therapist can be stressful.

That is why we offer a 30 minute consultation for therapy to assist you in determining if we are the match the best suits your needs.