Latest Book Reviews

Captivating and Real 

I started reading your Resilient Eyes last night and couldn’t put it down. 
For your first book it is a very evocative book! 
I’ve tried to read some “best sellers “and haven’t managed to get past the first chapter. You have a talent for storytelling, although I know it’s your life, not a story.
M. Hutton, Nov 2023

Wonderful True Story

Vividly takes you into the mind, heart and soul of the little girl as she struggles to find the good in life while living in a world of poverty and abuse. Uplifting. It will help you see what you can overcome and to achieve a better life.
P Malone, Nov 2023

Offers Positive Real Hope for anyone!

Your book will speak to so many people. This book will change lives in a positive way. 
S. Reimer, Nov 2023

Completely Amazed at your courage and strength. 

I’ve just finished your book and I am in awe of you! Your book was very easy to read. I do believe that you will help people who really need it and possibly help others realize that their own lives are not so bad.  I gave t to my daughter and she is amazed at you as well. 
T. Fretz, Nov 2023