About Kindfulness Therapy

Our true calling is to facilitate a new perspective.

We assist individuals in reaching their goals and achieving life-changing results through mindfulness, wellness, fitness and nutrition. Kindfulness therapy facilitates a new perspective and Insights to a healthy and balanced well being.  Our new Contemplative Awareness Therapy is uniquely poised to be effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression and other disorders due to the effects promoting the realization or direct experience of novel perspectives and insights.

We focus on new ways of thinking and lifestyle changes that are really needed more than ever.  Kindfulness therapy was started in 2023 to treat patients both emotional and also physically.

John Brennan McLean

Do you wonder what it means to live a full life? Do you experience times when you are not sure of the direction of your life? Do we have incredible potential as human beings that we are not accessing? These questions may be worth exploring if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other symptoms. The state of our life at all levels is rarely explored in therapy. Often therapy targets part of the problem but not all of the problems.

Developing a deeper understanding of who you are and where you are heading will provide you with a new outlook, gaining a new perception. Do you wonder how to begin to develop new perceptions and beliefs that support a fulfilling life? Do you wonder how to change patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling that create barriers to fulfillment?

I personally have experienced a shift in the behavioural, emotional, and thinking patterns that were a barrier to my personal growth. Once I developed new patterns other perceptions began to change and I slowly experienced a renaissance in my life. There are ways to change your life at the deepest levels. I am a Registered Psychotherapist and many insurers cover my sessions. Just check with your insurer as to whether treatment is covered. 


BB Balane is a certified coach practitioner who offers motivational action plans that give her clients confidence to overcome their fears. Assisting them in prioritising and focusing on what moves them in the right direction to make better decisions. Providing a wellness assessment, discussing current behaviours, dreams, mindset and limiting factors. An agreeable plan that is obtainable is established. A plan that client’s can get excited about and want to invest time and energy into to get their desired results. We work together with weekly routinely re-accessing together every step of the way as shown to be very successful.