* In Person * By Phone * Remotely

Phase #1 Private Psychotherapy Session - One-on-One

First, a private therapy session with a Registered Psychotherapist to discover your hidden talents and your current road blocks that are getting in the way. He will do his best to get your wheels in motion again by looking at any psychological or anxiety issues that may be holding you back. Your psychotherapist will spend time getting to know you discussing any issues you may have.  Your One-on-one therapy session can be conducted remotely or by phone by our psychotherapist. ( one hour session ) 

Phase #2 Personal - Overall Wellness Assessment

Next an overall Wellness Assessment. Looking at ways to Improve your overall health is a collaborative process, a team effort with your psychotherapist and your Certified Coach Practitioner. BB Balane your will work discuss activity, nutrition, career goals, recreational activities and your zest for life rating. This action plan will be designed specifically for your needs taking into account your phycological evaluation, desires and personal goals. You will learn how to optimize your health and get moving in your direction again. 

Phase #3 Motivational Action Plan - 8 - week session

Your personal motivational lifestyle coaching sessions will allow you to have deep meaningful conversations with a certified coach. Discussing current challenges is a powerful tool to get you on track again. Your Action Plan will focus on a number of health related topics. We will tracking progress and goal oriented milestones. Weekly sessions will guide you through and support you to become more confident and self aware of your emotional regulation abilities.   (BB Balane, B.A. Certified Coach Practitioner)